TCX X-Street boots lightweight but with protection

TCX X-Street boots will be tempting when summer arrives.


We first saw these TCX X-Street boots at the NEC Bike Show Live last year and we were impressed. They look flimsy and, although they are light, they do offer a measure of protection. Designed in Italy with the fashion-conscious scooter rider in mind, Mr Hogan has already been wearing them, in spite of the grim weather.

Look, nobody is pretending that the X-Street will offer the same sort of protection as a pair of proper riding boots, but in summer, for a short jaunt, well, we’ve all ridden in trainers at some point and not felt safe with the wind whistling around our ankles, right?

TCX has now released a range of new colour options for its X-Street sneaker, which will be available in UK dealers from May 2012. Since the release of the X-Street into the 2012 collection, demand has been high for the stylish but practical motorcycle Converse type baseball boot, which lead to TCX introducing new colours for both men and women.
Originally launched in a black waterproof version, blue waterproof has now been added, along with new non-waterproof colours in navy, denim and white. Female colours are blue and grey with pink detail and a dark grey waterproof style.

The X-Street is a versatile footwear option that will not look out of place around town off your motorcycle, however they come into their own when used on a bike. Thanks to TCX’s development work, the X-Street has gained full CE Certification and boast safety features such as ankle, heel and toe reinforcements.All colours of X-Street are available at TCX dealers at £89.99 for the waterproof versions and £79.99 for non-waterproof. 

To find your local UK dealer visit or take a trip on the wildside and head over to Italy at