The Triumph Trident is unveiled.

Details are fairly thing on the ground at the minute, we won’t see engine and tech specs for another week or so, but this is the 2021 Triumph Trident.

Pitched as a rival to bikes like the Honda CB650R, the Yamaha MT07 and the Kawasaki Z650, the Trident looks set to capitalise on those that aren’t looking for Street Triple performance or specification. A bustling sector and one that Triumph clearly wants a slice of.

The bike you’re looking at is the bike we touched, it’s a pre production prototype that gives little away. The brakes are base spec two piston calipers and the fork tops had no adjusters. Aside from giving an indication of the kind of performance, this also hints that the price tag shouldn’t be one that scares people away. The engine looks a lot like the 675 of old, but that would need some work to bring it up to EU emissions compliant standards.

In terms of styling, Triumph have borrowed from both the modern and modern classic camps. The indents in the tank (R NineT anyone?), the round headlight and the general flow of the bike are clearly modern classic inspired, the angular sculpting of the front mudguard that leads your eyes up to the rad guards and the whole tail unit felt contemporary like the Street/Speed Triple. If you stand back and stare for long enough, there’s a touch of Speed Twin to the stance of the bike as well. It’s clever stuff and as long as they get the paint right, it should look the part when it hits showrooms in early 2021.

The single round clockset is a new addition, which when coupled with the multi button switchgear on the left handlebar hints at a degree of adjustability, possibly in the form of riding modes. Of course, Triumph confirmed it’ll be A2 compliant with the option to restore full power… and on that note, there’s no point speculating over spec too much right now, as Triumph promised all the juicy details “in the coming weeks”.

For now, lets just drink in the weird images and enjoy the fact that the Trident name is back! Sign up to receive alerts from us and when we get more details, you’ll have them directly.

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