The Spyke Command RAC suit is new for 2012

The Spyke Command RAC suit is new for 2012, building on Spyke’s reputation for top kit.


Ayrton Badovini, a Spyke man, has done a bit of leather testing this season in WSB…

Spyke made the first set of leathers that I ever rode and wore atSuperBike. I crashed a couple of times in them and both they and I survived. In fact, in his early days Dave ‘the Goat’ Smith used the same suit. They were built to last back then (over 10 years ago) and they still are.
A new for 2012 Spyke Command RAC suit has just arrived in a box in the office with my (Kenny) name on it. Happy day. It’s an off-the-peg size 52 and it fits me like a made to measure. I’m 78kg and 5’9 or 5’10, inside leg 32. In short, I’m just an average guy. 

2011 WSBK R08, Brno, Czech Republic

It’s made from 1.2 to 1.3mm cowhide, double hidden stitching and external, replaceable shoulder protection. The zips have plastic tags to lessen the risk of them piercing my tender flesh in the event of a spill and they are sprung loaded too, to keep them flush and flat.The stretch panels are where you expect them to be and they actually stretch (which not all ‘stretch’ panels do). The upper arms and forearms are snug but there’s still enough room for both a back and chest protector. The calves and thighs are spot on too. Maybe I’m a freak? The poly mesh inner is removable and washable. Overall, as the kids say, “I’m stoked”.

First time out on track for the Spyke RAC and…comfy from the first session.

Needless (?) to say, the armour is all CE approved and I’m in good company, since Ayrton Badovini (in the pic) and the rest of the BMW Italia team are wearing the kit (Zanetti and Barrier) while Michele Pirro is clad in Spyke in Moto2 as well. And how could I forget the newest ‘recruit’ to Spyke, Mr Troy Bayliss.

Spyke is part of the Key Collection in the UK, so for your local stockist in the UK you can click here. In the rest of world, well, there’s always that Goo-gol thing. And, if you are curious,