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Thirty years ago? I’d just abut sat on a bike in 1983, a friends BMW something or other so I wasn’t reading the mag when it appeared. I did buy the mag when i thought about the GP job on the box though. That was 18 seconds ago in 1996, and I was a hangover-immune kid of just 23 years. Three weeks later I was on a plane to Malaysia and a job I thought would last six races…

I bought SuperBike magazine, although it was frustrating that there wasn’t much GP stuff in there. But I tempered my gall with Foggy winning everything and the UK encapsulated by truly epic racing. The 500 GPs were just a blip now and again of Alex (Criville) beating Mick (Doohan) by 0.002 secs or Alex punting Mick off at Eastern Creek. Hey, in 1997 Repsol Honda oversized chainsaws with a whopping 185bhp won every race. No wonder no one turned up to watch. But SuperBike had everything covered with editor Grant Leonard whom I then got to know later on…

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