What we’d like to see in a new Triumph Daytona 765

We’ve all seen the latest spy-shots by now. “Alex”, on a track no doubt somewhere in Spain, riding what is presumably a 765cc triple bolted into a Daytona 675’s frame with a similar looking exhaust to the Moto2 prototype bike. There’s no guarantee a Daytona 765 will appear, but it’s now significantly more likely to happen than it was before the photos appeared.

And it got Superbike thinking… if we could wave a magic wand and make a Daytona 765 appear tomorrow, what would that look like? Here’s what we scribbled down…

  • 140 HP and 80NM of torque. The 675-powered Daytona made 128 HP at the crank (and the Moto2 test mule allegedly made 131 HP) so a 10% power hike and a 10% torque hike would go down well. For reference, the Street Triple 765 makes 73 torques.
  • R-model only, Ohlins all round, and single-seat-only rear end
  • A 6-axis IMU, with cornering TC and ABS, plus the option to turn it all off
  • Quickshifter and blipper as standard. This one’s a total no brainer
  • LED lighting all round to save as much weight as possible
  • Forged aluminium wheels, for that Moto2 feel
  • Fully customisable riding modes: from wheelie control, to traction control, ABS, engine braking control
  • Brembo M50s. Nuff said.
  • A full fairing overhaul. The ‘eyeliner’ effect on the Daytona 675’s headlights was not so pretty
  • Adjustable rearsets as standard
  • A reversible shift pattern as standard
  • Lithium battery as standard
  • A track-only limited edition run with none of the road-going equipment, even more power and a full titanium exhaust

Moon on a stick… in parts perhaps, but how awesome would all that be? The most controversial will be the “R model only” specification, but given the Moto2 connection, we think Triumph could get away with it.

Fingers crossed we might get more news towards the end of the year, but for now, we’ve still got to hope. In the interim, the closest we’ll get is watching the Moto2 lads screaming around on the GP calendar. So Triumph, if you’re reading…