TT on Tour? International TT series proposed…

You'd be foolish to bet against this man on a 600.

Michael Dunlop – get him racing in your town!


How would you like a load of nutters riding superbikes at 200mph down your local high street? Well, give us a shout and we’ll see if we can arrange a litre bike group test in your area. Alternatively, get your local town council and bikers club to organise a bid for a local round of the TT! Because, yes, the organisers of the Isle of Man TT are looking to go international, and launch an international series of TT races worldwide.

In a press release the Manx government has invited applications for a promoter to launch the series, and it all seems very serious. “Under the proposed scope of services, the Isle of Man Government will license all commercial aspects of the TT events to an independent Promoter, including: domestic and international television and broadcast rights, sponsorship, licensing, hospitality, event ticketing, merchandising and retail sales. The Promoter will be responsible for delivering the operational aspects of the Isle of Man TT and Classic TT jointly with the Isle of Man Government. The Promoter will also be responsible for independently contracting with individual host cities to deliver the TT Series events across the world.”

Fancy it? Get your application into then!