Western Cape Crusaders

An eight-hour endurance race? On tiddlers? In the sunny South of Africa? How could we possibly refuse?

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 13.54.10

We do love a good endurance race here at SuerBike Magazine, although its been a long while since our last effort with the SuperBike R1, Which ended in splinters of fiberglass and a pool of oil. This time the location was on the opposite side of the globe at Killarney race track in Cape Town, South Africa. Yup, a fair old hike to go for an endurance race, but fortunately the bike was already there, saving me from the wrath of the BA cabin crew as I tried to squeeze a pair of fork legs into the overhead storage. The race we were headed to was the Killarney RST 8-hour, it’s been running for twenty years, even factory teams have attended and now, team SuperBike has stepped up to the plate.

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