Wheelies.. Big and clever.. End of..

…So we spent a whole day looking for the best bike to do ‘em on. Ladies and gentlemen please be upstanding and on the back whee l.

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 13.43.56

Aren’t wheelies brilliant eh? You spend ages wishing you could do one, then the minute you can, all you want to do is be better at them. Most bikes these days work perfectly well with both wheels on the floor, but for some ridiculous reason we love it when they’re sat up on the back wheel. As a doer-of wheelies, there’s nothing quite like that feeling of balancing throttle input against gravity; too much throttle and you get that horrible lurching feeling, like being on a ladder and falling backwards. Too little throttle and you come back down to earth with a depressing clunk. For the onlooker, seeing a bike go past with its front wheel at head height is always spectacular; even the Police bloody love it (although eco-hippie Sting’s not so keen, probably just jealous). To celebrate our favourite stunt, we rounded up the best bikes for one wheeled show-offs..

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