Wheelies. Really fast ones.

What’s the fastest you’ve ever wheelied a bike? Not at all? 100mph? 120mph? A quick show of hands around the SuperBike office and we’ve got a best of 140mph. Well that sounds bloody fast to us, but it’s nothing on what the loonies are doing at the Straightliners World Wheelie Record event.

Got boost?

Got boost?

In 2010, Shane Egan was clocked at 181.5mph through the speed trap on the back wheel riding a turbocharged Suzuki GSX-R1000. And not just a little pop of the front wheel either – the World record that Shane holds is for the fastest 1km wheelie, no feeble fork extensions here.

Shane Egan World 1km Wheelie Record

The Straightliners World Wheelie Record events are held in the Summer at Elvington airfield, which gives you at least six months to get building your turbo wheelie bike ready for next year. Now, where did we leave that old supercharged Suzuki B-King Alan Dowds built?