Where are they now?

There have been seven editors at the helm since SuperBike started way back in 1977. We tracked down as many as we could find.

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Croydon, 1977. The Whitgift shopping centre is a brand new blot on the brutalist skyline and only two things lift the grey drab. At number
91 Beddington Lane there’s a small workshop, hanging above the doors was a sign, which read ‘Heron Suzuki’. Jerry Burgess would eventually walk through the door, but 1977 was a pretty good year for Heron: effervescent swordsman Barry Sheene was working his way through six victories on his way to a second world House publications decided that May 1977 would be as good a time as any to launch a new title. Weighing in at 86 pages and with a never-before seen ratio of nipples to motorbikes, SuperBike was born.

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