Who the hell is.. Gary Rothwell!

He is the founder of the UK stunt riding scene, taking his talents from the streets of Liverpool and sharing them with the rest of the world.

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I  was a bit of a daft lad when I was a kid. Always trying to jump my skateboard or my BMX higher and further than everyone else. My dad knew that I’d be silly on a bike, so he held off for as long as he could when I started asking for one. He didn’t work in the bike industry he ran a shop and Post Office with my mum. They bought it when he got made redundant from the docks where he worked. He was a bike nut, though.

I can remember listening to my mum flip out when she would come home and he’d be on his knees working on a Ducati motor in the front room. When I was 13, he gave in and got me a DT125. The first day he let me ride it, he plonked me on the back and we set off for the nearest field. When we got there, he stuck it in first and stamped on the gear lever, knackering the gearshift and leaving the bike stuck in first to stop me riding too quickly. I spent a long time riding that thing flat out in first. It let go in the end, they always did.

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