SuperBike Staff Bikes – Yamaha MT-09

Mods: Built an office extension to hold all the stuff that’s come for it

Miles: A few

It didn't take long to get used to doing these on the MT. Image: Mojoffoto

It didn’t take long to get used to doing these on the MT.
Image: Mojoffoto


The MT-09 has arrived and as I predicted last month it’ll need a few tweaks to get it set up this year. The first change will be the fitment of a Termignoni full exhaust system as the standard item mutes that gorgeous 847cc triple wail a bit too much. Termignoni claims a 4bhp and 5lb/ft gain as well as a decent drop in weight. I’ve gone for the carbon sleeved end can but it’s also available in a titanium finish with an optional cat (er, no thanks). I’ll also be trying out the new Akrapovic system later this year to see how it compares to the Termi as both are similarly priced. We’ll even sort out some back-to-back dyno runs to compare differences in power and fueling, no messing around on this one.
Speaking of fueling, my first ride was in ‘A’ mode which has received some criticism for jerky delivery and to be honest I can’t see what all the fuss is about. Sure, the first few exits from junctions took some getting used to as the throttle is sharp and responsive but it’s nothing that a bit of practice can’t sort out. I can see Yamaha selling plenty of replacement subframes though as the front wheel is keen to lift in first, second and third, the short gearing meaning it feels livelier than the 115bhp figure would suggest.
There’s no doubt the forks are going to need some attention though, they’re softer than Nick Clegg’s penis and bounce around for a second or two when coming to a stop with the shock closely behind in terms of damping ability. Nitron has developed a rear shock for the MT-09 which will be going on soon and I’ll try different fork oil weight first before deciding if a revalve is in order.
I know last month I promised to keep modifications at a realistic level and I’ll tell you now that’s already out of the window thanks to a huge box of Rizoma goodies direct from Italy. Each piece of billet goodness is individually boxed and it’ll be going on in the very near future