Yamaha Tenere 700 is go!

It’s been a long time coming, but it would appear it was worth the wait. The Yamaha Tenere 700 was unveiled last night at the EICMA show in Milan.

As impressive as the spec is (and it is impressive), the first thing we have to say we like is how close to the T7 concept bike the production machine will be.  Here’s a quick rundown straight from the press pack.

Ténéré 700 model overview
• Rally-bred T7-inspired dual sport design with pure Ténéré DNA
• Light, compact, nimble
• Outstanding off-road performance
• Year-round on road capabilities
• Go-anywhere long distance potential, 350km+ fuel range
• Powerful, smooth and economical high-torque engine
• Switchable ABS option for off-road riding
• Effective screen and hand guards for excellent weather protection
• State of the art long-travel suspension
• Available in 3 colour variations

689cc 4-strokeCP2 engine with Adventure settings
Yamaha has revolutionized the motorcycle world with the development of the crossplane philosophy
engines that power a range of the company’s best-selling models, and the new Ténéré 700 is equipped
with the highly respected 689cc parallel-twin engine.
The key characteristic of this compact CP2 engine is its strong and linear torque output that gives
instant throttle response together with outstanding acceleration – attributes that make it a capable
and versatile performer on and off the road. Producing maximum torque at 6,500rpm, this engine
offers the ideal balance of performance and controllability – and with its excellent fuel economy, it
contributes towards the Ténéré 700’s ability to cover long distances between fuel stops.
To cater for the unique requirements of Adventure riders, the final transmission is optimised, and
together with a range of model-specific fuel injection settings, these features contribute towards the
bike’s outstanding versatility and remarkable performance in different riding environments.

During the development of the Ténéré 700 one of the key goals was to achieve a slim, agile and light
feeling chassis that would be equally suited to both road and off road riding. To satisfy these
requirements Yamaha’s designers have developed an all-new lightweight double cradle tubular steel
frame that combines a low weight with immense strength, making it ideally suited a variety of riding
Featuring a compact 1,590mm wheelbase and a slim body, this rugged chassis delivers responsive
handling characteristics, and with 240mm of ground clearance the Ténéré 700 is designed to keep its
rider out of trouble over the roughest terrain.
Slim, compact and ergonomic body and seat
The ability to shift your body weight forwards and rearwards to suit the terrain ahead is crucial when
you want to maintain full control in off-road riding situations, and so the Ténéré 700 is equipped with a
flat 880mm high seat and slim body that allows maximum rider agility. The compact bodywork and
narrow fuel tank also enable you to grip the tank with the knees whether sitting or standing, giving
added confidence and control in every situation, whether you’re riding on dirt or asphalt.

Aggressive rally-bred face with four LED headlights
The new Ténéré 700 is equipped with a distinctive looking headlight assembly that is a direct spin off
from Yamaha’s latest factory Rally bikes and the T7 concept machine. A total of four LED headlights
project powerful beams of light that can light up the darkest wilderness. Stacked in a 2 + 2 layout and
protected by a clear nacelle – and with two LED position lights at the base – this strong face gives a
purposeful look that matches this new Adventure bike’s imposing character.
Adjustable long-travel 43mmupsidedownforks
When you’re riding in the dirt you need the best possible suspension systems, and the Ténéré 700’s
long travel forks are undeniable evidence that this is a serious Adventure bike with class-leading off
road capabilities. The flex resistant 43mm forks stay in shape over the most extreme terrain to give
precision steering and smooth suspension action – and with 210mm of suspension travel, this high
specification front end enables you to attack the most challenging off-road terrain with confidence.
Offering full damping adjustment, these rally-specification front forks ensure high levels of comfort
with lightweight handling performance when you’re on the road, making the Ténéré 700 one of the
most capable and enjoyable long distance tourers.
Remotely adjustable rear shock absorber
The Ténéré 700 is equipped with a rally-bred link-type rear suspension system that gives smooth and
progressive action for maximum riding comfort and enhanced levels of control.
Featuring a lightweight aluminium swingarm for low unsprung weight, this high specification rear end
offers 200mm of travel which, like the front suspension system, is designed to be able to handle the
most severe off road riding conditions as well as giving a comfortable ride on the road. Another
significant feature is the remote adjuster that lets you fine tune the preload settings while you’re on
the go, making it quick and easy to dial in the shock to suit the riding conditions.