Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to sell on SuperBike Auctions?

It costs nothing to register with SuperBike Auctions. Sellers receive 100% of the hammer price.

How much does it cost to buy on SuperBike Auctions?

The winning bidder pays a commission of 5% of the hammer price (capped at £3,000), or the minimum Buyer’s fee of £150, whichever is the greater amount at the end of the auction.

For example: a winning bid of £5,000 would attract a £250 Buyer's Premium, and a winning bid of £1,800 would attract a £150 Buyer's Premium.

Buyer's Premiums are inclusive of VAT @ 20%. Please see our Fees and Clause 12 in our terms for more information.

Can I set my own reserve price?

The reserve price is agreed with the seller and the team here at SuperBike

How much detail do you need about my bike?

As much as possible is the short answer. A detailed description with great images will help buyers understand as much as possible about your bike. Servicing history, tuning and modifications, racing provenance and crash damage are important. We want the detailed parts of a bike’s backstory, the things that you would want to know as a potential buyer are what matters the most

The responsibility to include as much detail as possible remains with the seller. SuperBike Auctions shall not be liable to either buyer or seller for mistakes or omissions from the description in the listing.

What happens after I get in touch about a consignment?

The team at SuperBike will decide if your bike is suitable for the platform. If accepted, SuperBike will consult with you, the seller, in order to gain as much information as possible (including photographs) and to agree a reserve price. We will also verify your identity, that you own the bike, and that you have the right to sell it. Once the listing has been made, both parties will agree that they are happy with the listing before it’s made live.

Please see Clause 7 for more information.

A buyer wants to view my bike during the live auction

SuperBike asks that sellers make bikes available (where practical) to buyers to view during the live auction. Please follow your local Government Covid 19 guidelines. UK residents can find the latest guidelines here.

Can I remove my listing once the auction is live?

Once the listing is live, a seller cannot remove the Auction Lot. If an Auction Lot must be withdrawn, you as the Seller will become liable for the Buyer's Premium. Please see Clause 7.9 of our terms.

What happens if my auction ends and the Reserve is not met?

SuperBike reserves the right, at it sole discretion, to make up the difference between the highest bid and the Reserve Price.

If no agreement is reached, the auction will end as "Reserve Not Met". Please see Clause 7.7 and Clause 7.10 in our terms.

Will SuperBike sell every bike it is offered?

Once a seller has applied for consignment and shared some simple details on the consignment, SuperBike will make a decision as to whether the bike is suitable.

This is based on a number of factors. Make, model and condition of the motorcycle are the primary factors. Market conditions, general desirability and the Seller’s reserve expectation also factor. We aim to make a fair assessment and will notify you of our decision, in writing, either way.

What happens if people start being negative in the comments section?

The comments section will be moderated by SuperBike. While we encourage comments and conversation, rude and unfriendly comments will not be tolerated. If you see a comment on a listing of your bike that you think needs consideration, please report the comment using the yellow flag placed at the bottom of the comment. Please see Clause 15.

Do I get to approve my listing prior to it going live?

Absolutely. It is the Seller’s responsibility to ensure the details are correct and that the listing is factually accurate. The Seller will be given every opportunity to approve their listing before it goes live.

Can I bid on my own auction?

As per Clause 9.7 of our terms, bidding on your own auction is forbidden and very uncool.

What kind of Seller am I?

If you are the registered owner and keeper of the motorcycle and will be the point of contact for the Auction in terms of questions, viewings and payments, then you will be considered as an individual consumer and will therefore be classed as a Private Seller

If you are managing the sale on behalf of a friend or contact, you will be classed as a Managed Seller. Managed Sellers will act as the point of contact for enquiries and viewings and will be the person that the Buyer deals with once an auction is finished. A Managed Seller might not own the motorcycle, but will be acting with the full authority of the owner in their capacity as the Managed Seller.

If you are selling as a business entity then you will be classed as a Trade Seller. Trade Sellers are bound by the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and must adhere to all obligations as such.


I’ve seen a bike that I want to view before I bid

Please use the 'request a viewing' link on any auction to request a viewing with the seller. SuperBike will put you in touch with the seller. Please pay attention to Government Covid19 restrictions.

Buyers and Sellers are reminded that they shall not engage in activity designed to complete or facilitate a transaction for the sale or purchase outside of the Site. Please see Clause 10 of our terms.

How do I know what the reserve price is?

If a listing has a "No Reserve" banner, the listing will sell for the highest bid at the end of the auction.

If an auction has a reserve, and the reserve is met, a "Reseve met" banner will be displayed. Only the Seller and SuperBike know the Reserve Price before bidding meets or exceeds the Reserve Price.

Can I cancel my bid?

In almost all cases, all bids are final and irrevocable. Please see Clause 9.2 of our terms

Why was the Auction time extended?

SuperBike Auctions employs anti-snipe technology: if a bid is placed within 2 minutes of the end of an Auction, 2 more minutes are added onto the auction end time.

I haven't won the Auction, but my debit or credit card has been charged

SuperBike reserves funds on your credit or debit card at the point you place your bid. The funds are held, but not charged.

Should you be outbid, funds will be released immediately. This can sometimes take up to 72 hours to disappear from your statement.

Should you increase your bid, we will cancel the hold on your funds and place a new hold for a higher amount.

Should you win the Auction, the held funds will be captured (charged) against the amount of your winning bid (which may be less than or equal to the amount held, but never more than).

If you have any queries or questions whatsoever, please get in touch as we're always happy to help and explain.

I’ve won the auction, what happens now?

When an Auction ends, provided the reserve has been met, SuperBike Auctions will charge the Buyer's Premium to the credit or debit card registered to the winning bidder. We will then digitally introduce you, the Buyer, to the Seller. The Buyer's Premium does not constitute any part of the winning amount that you must pay to the Seller. Please see our Terms for more information, as well as our fee and budget calculator tools.

What does the Buyer's Premium pay for?

The Buyer's Premium pays for our auction platform, and for the effort SuperBike Auctions puts into sourcing, vetting, researching and presenting some of the finest motorcycles for sale. We perform various background checks on buyers, sellers and the vehicles themselves. The fee also pays for us to oversee auction activity, to ensure everything runs smoothly and fairly for all parties involved.

Buyers are encouraged to factor the Buyer's Premium into their bids. For your convenience, we have fee and budget tools.

Is the Buyer's Premium a deposit on the auction?

No, the Buyer's Premium is payable separately and on top of the hammer price of the Auction. By way of example, a winning bid of £6,000 will attract a £300 Buyer's Premium (including VAT at 20%). The total cost to you in this example would be £6,000 plus £300 - £6,300 in total.

Buyers are encouraged to factor the Buyer's Premium into their bids. For your convenience, we have fee and budget tools.

What is a verified seller?

A Verified Seller is a seller who has gone through extra verification steps. This includes but is not limited to an identity and proof of address check. Verified Sellers have a badge displayed next to their name, and this is designed to give buyers extra confidence in the legitimacy of both the seller and the auction lot.

How can I trust that the bike I am bidding on is really for sale?

SuperBike performs various background and identitiy checks on sellers, and also on the vehicles they are selling, including MOT, theft and outstanding finance checks. Sellers remain ultimately responsible for the authenticitiy of all information provided. Please see Clause 8 of our terms.

Bid increments

A bid can be placed from £25 and up.

Increments are as follows:

  • Between £1 and £5,000 bids increase in £25 increments
  • Between £5,000 and £19,999 bids increase in £50 increments
  • Bids over £20,000 increase in £100 increments

I want it, but I’m not sure

We’ve all heard of the one that got away, the bike that you always wish you should have had a go at but didn’t. While we encourage you to bid if you’re interested, you are reminded that in doing so, you’re entering into a legal obligation and should only do so if you have the funds to pay for the bike.

Everything else...

I’m not happy with all this

Feel free to get in touch with us if you think we can help with anything related to SuperBike Auctions.

I want to complain

You should read our complaints policy and get in touch at your earliest convenience!

I just want to ask you this one burning question

We are always happy to further explain or answer any other questions that you may have. Please see our contact page for details on how to reach us.

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